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The Estruturaço

      The company has Estruturaço Pavilions and covers an immense At Hall in metal and molded Pre structures, always seeking to innovate is increasingly investing in ways to Pre molded high quality and great partner Brazilian company in the metal matrix in order to ensure the quality of our products. Likewise kill a continual investment in the field of metallurgy invested in tillering with purchase of roll forming.
      With experience gained just 15 years, the owner has increasingly seeking improvement through courses, lecture, participation in fairs business and technology transforming its plant to better meet the needs of its clients by transforming them into solution.
      We dated for 2015 already marked the inauguration of the new unit for the Moulded Pre segment, which told with an area of ​​7,227 .
"For we are taking care to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men"

2 Corinthians 8:21


"Creating and maintaining competence to produce and continuously optimize solutions interests of customers, with high quality standard and agility, always seeking to overcome about the desired expectations."


The need to provide our clients, exceeding their expectations with excellent quality products, combining technical and innovation.


- Agility: Represents our response time to customers, fast, safe and quality manner.
- Creativity: Represents our willingness to innovate, enriching the work routine.
- Transparency: Represents the real and heartfelt sharing and upholding the values of
- Partnership: Represents our ability to establish and maintain the integrity of professional and interpersonal relationships.
- Excellence: Represents the responsibility and dedication with which we take our goals.
- Ethics: Represents our commitment to best practices with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and society.
- Customer Focus: Discover and satisfy customer needs, striving to meet your business and working for the same loyalty.
- Motivation: Show interest, enthusiasm, dedication and involvement for the work, be committed and committed in relation to challenges and goals.
- Staging Professional: Level of theoretical and technical in their field knowledge as well as their use in solving practical work situations.
- Planning, Organization and Control of Processes: Program and control the work, even at peak times, performing tasks rationally and intelligently.
- Teamwork: Develop collaborative work in a participatory way and accepting opinions and seeking to encourage the group to remain cohesive in consensual decisions.


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